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"Preliminary to entering upon the subject, the Writer feels it due to those who have preceded him, candidly to advise his readers not to expect much that is novel in matter or original in description ; so many having already written on the subject, some of whom have spared neither pains or expense in collecting every incident that might tend to develop his character as an artist, and his peculiarities as a man ; so that little has been left in the field of research where so many have previously gleaned."


John Smith,  The Life of Rembrandt Van Rhyn, 1836

For information on Rembrandt's signatures go directly to article 50 


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0.   Naming is the name of the game

1.   Common denominator

2.   My 2nd favorite Derrida quote

3.   Chronological puzzle (B 7)

4.   Overheard

5.   Name Game / Albrecht Dürer

6.   1632 / The Etchings

7.   My favorite Derrida quote

8.   An oversight

9.   A Trouw Story

10.  Brant or Brandt?

11.  Br. 431

12.  Rembrant van Rijn fe.

13.  Marten Looten: 17.01.1632

14.  The Book of Tobit

15.  The evidence of the drawings

16.  Graphology

17.  Name Game / Pablo Picasso

18.  L'Image au pied de la lettre

19.  Remburanto

20.  Act I-Forensics

21.  Act II-Italics

22.  Letters on the march / Melville

23.  Navel lore

24.  C 78 – an undersight

25.  Body image

26.  Jan & Rembrant, Ltd.

27.  Name Game / Yves Klein

28.  Give me an "F"

29.  What the Corpus says

30.  What David Stein said

31.  It's spelled the way it's pronounced

32.  Lambert van de Vos' quatrain 1650

33.  Dr. Faust, I presume?

34.  Merde

35.  Name Game / Franzs.Würtenberger

36.  Rembrant ft. 1631

37.  Name Game / Vincent van Gogh

38.  Name Game / Pietro Lasman

39.  Onomastics to the rescue

40.  Let's call him Rembrant!

41.  Corpus of Rembrant[sic] Paintings

42.  How far can you fetch?

43.  Rembrant in New York

44.  Hard facts

45.  Name Game / Joseph Beuys

46.  How about a date?

47.  What Juliet said

48.  Rembrandt fake it / 1632

49.  Statistics

50.  Rembrandt signs – a typology

51.  "R" you ready for this?

52.  Esprit d'escalier

53.  Name Dropping: Nina Hagen

54.  The writing on the wall

55.  Name Game / Marina Abramović

56.  Who was Max Lautner?

57.  One link leads to another

58.  Question

59.  Paul Rembrandt & Co.

60.  If at first you don't succeed

61.  Name Game / Willy von Beckerath

62.  Believe it or not

63.  Word play

64.  St.Paul and sword play

65.  Saskia mia

66.  Give me a "D" / Purloined Letter

67.  Short answer to a tall question

68.  The price is right

69.  John C. van Dyke

70.  What Bernhard Schnackenburg said

71.  Full circle

72.  Reciprocal readymade

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